My name is Nathaniel Neiderhiser and this is hopefully the start of a very exciting adventure! I live in Pittsburgh, and ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to share how I see things and the way the world looks to me. You may be asking, “what is this blog about?”. That is a very good question because as you can tell from the URL I couldn’t decide either! Some things I am very passionate about and that will be featured on this blog very heavily are, 1. Cars, 2. Politics(yes a 20 years old view of the world?!), 3. movies and television, 4. WHATEVER YOU WANT. Yes you read that right, due to my grossly inadequate ability to make my mind up about things that interest me, I figured for those times when I’m at a loss of words YOU can decide what I write about. Education and Knowledge are two of the most powerful weapons in the world, so let’s help each other build a stockpile! I am planning on getting my first couple blogs out sometime this week. You can expect to see one on the 2019 Honda Civic SI, and the movie Spotlight. I hope you are as just as excited as I am to begin reading and learning about topics you may have never known you were interested in. Enjoy!

Published by Nate

20 year old trying to find a way to answer the questions of the world.

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